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irish Tatler says

"A premium wash bag, cleverly designed to gather the chaos of everyday life on the road, or off it. Every stitch has been inspired by actual travel experiences - hours spent in-flight, unpacking suitcases, gathering wires, forgetting chargers. They’re super lightweight... and chic as hell too!"

The perfect pouch for daily essentials


Moreton Small
Color: Red

Designed to fit EU airport security regulations, whizz liquids through terminals in style. It also makes the perfect case for daily essentials- think lip balm, keys, sunglasses and airpods.

Or throw in your hotel key card, metro pass and Paris guidebook and spend the day getting lost in the city of light. 


  • Clear so you can always see what’s inside
  • Japanese water-tight zip for quick access
  • Made with beautiful canvas and buttery, biodegradable TPU
  • Non-leather and 100% vegan
  • 20cm x 20cm | 0.5L
  • Ultra-lightweight at 100 grams