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Chaptal Small - 0.5L


The Chaptal in small was always going to win the cute prize. But don’t let its diminutive size fool you, you may find this little travel accessory will be the one you just can’t live without.

Sized for your iPhone, sunglasses, keys and credit card - grab it on your way out the door for the bleary-eyed morning coffee run. This washbag is also the perfect size for your travel adapters or chargers, and features our signature clear pocket for gathering cables and wires. A perfect sunglasses case, discover space for three pairs of sunglasses and the structure to keep them safe.


- One compartment, two interior pockets
- Premium heavy duty fabric adds structure and protection for your breakables
- Made in Italy
- 100% vegan bags
- Japanese water-tight zips
- Italian canvas and buttery, biodegradable TPU
- Non-leather, ultra-lightweight


8cm x 17cm x 4cm | 94 grams

The ways to gift it or use it are endless; whether in travel or in daily life, but some of our favourites are:

  • Charger and adapter case
  • Hair accessory case
  • Jewellery, watch or cufflink case
  • Sunglasses case
  • Manicure case
  • Coffee run case
Colour: Black

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Where do you put a wet, sandy swimsuit after the beach? This problem becomes harder when you’re a few rosés down, and is the reason Take Monday was born. 

We designed watertight bags with separate compartments, so our iPhones would never again mingle with our sandy swimsuits. We made them clear so you could always see what was inside. We made them lightweight so they wouldn't take up precious kgs on that godforsaken Ryanair allowance. We added clever interior pockets so you could hide…. well whatever it is you want to hide! We made them gorgeous so your friends would be jealous. We added a few colours so there’d always be one to suit your outfit and a handle so they're easy to hold or hang.

Our mission is to end time wasted packing and kgs wasted in luggage. A play on the ziplock bag (so you can always see what’s inside), but made using biodegradable TPU and beautiful coloured canvas. Forgoing leather makes these transparent bags vegan friendly, and extremely light weight and washable; toss in your handbag, backpack, suitcase or anywhere chaos seems to gather.

5% of our profits go directly to Hands Up, a young and innovative charity that funds health and education programmes in Syria and neighbouring countries. Their aim is to make a positive difference to Syrians in need. They work directly with local organisations who know the needs and context of their local communities better than anyone. Their work is simple, positive and transparent.


881 257 968 R.C.S. | info@takemonday.com


Any questions about your order, the brand or our products? Our team would be delighted to chat.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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